martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013

On presenting a workshop at FAAPI 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina

As I am finishing the last requirements of the organization commitee, I am starting to ask myself why I am in this situation.  Tomorrow I travel to Buenos Aires, a five hours´ bus ride from my city to attend the congress that every year gathers teachers of English from all over the country.  It was all fine untill I decided to submit a paper and it was accepted, putting myself way beyond my comfort zone.  However I have never regretted having done it.
What I would like to share with my colleagues is the joy I have experienced during these last two years as I became more and more engaged in web based activities.  I have learned so much and yet I realize that there is still so much learning to do that I am looking forward to coming back and setting my schedule for my next month.  Apart from this, I have often been involved in activities which could have been more profitable to teachers who are in front of a regular school, institution class.  I often found myself  saying: "This would be perfect for a primary/secondary school teacher."  Hence this idea of presenting the workshop was born.  During my journey I had so much fun with other teacher´s students who were always respectful, curious, amusing, that I wished somebody else had the chance to experience it too.
On the whole this experience helped me get organised with my learning and I am excited at the possibility of adding more Argentinian friends to the connected world of teachers.
Wish me luck!

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