This section contains a number of interviews with teachers from around the world.  I met them during my journey as a teacher. Some of them helped me become the teacher I am today, others offered me their friendship and kept me company on my way to become a connected teacher.

Adriana Díaz
Adriana works at Instituto del Profesorado Almirante Brown in Santa Fe city, the Teacher Training College I graduated from.  Though she was not my teacher I had the chance to work with her as an adscript, a two year postgraduate work.  This involved watching her lessons and carrying out a project, eventually also teaching her students, too.  She always says that I am her favourite adscript, but I suspect she is just being nice because I do not know if  she has ever had another one!

Nina Liakos
Nina has been teaching for over 30 years.  She currently works at Maryland University.  In this podcast we talk about how she started getting involved in the virtual world and the implications in her teaching practice and her life.

Lesley Cioccarelli
Lesley is from Camberra, Australia.  In this interview she tells us how she uses technology.  We also talked about  teaching to students of different cultural backgrounds.  Enjoy!

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  1. You've become soooooooo technological!!! ha ha. Loved being interviewed and hope you keep this blog so I can 'hear more voices' from the teaching profession.

    1. I´m doing the best that I can! I´ve also enjoyed meeting you, and will continue contacting teachers who are really making a difference!