jueves, 31 de enero de 2013

On how small the world is

I would like to share with you an interview with my friend Lana  I had commented Lana that it had been a very hot day here the day before so she prepared a pot full of  spongy fresh white snow from her garden just to show to me!  They make snowmen with it.  She also introduced me to her daughter who is 10 years old.
We also have other things in common: a black cat! (only that mine is not as sociable as hers!)
But the most amazing thing was that we had been part of a group of skyping teachers without having met before, and here is the moment when we realized that!

sábado, 26 de enero de 2013


In answer to Vance Stevens question as part of the MultiMOOC EVO session.
     Why am I here?  Good question!  Why am I immersed in a completely new experience which I have never heard of before in my life during my Summer holidays trying to overcome feelings of guilt for not being able to comply with the homework, arriving late or not being able to attend live sessions, carrying around the house different notetaking devices in order to record ideas, feelings, sites, tools, names or my jumping flow of consciousness?  Well, I will try to give form to an attempt of an answer.  First of all, I have to say I´m curious, and the name EVO, MultiMOOC /maltimu:c/, called my attention.   Secondly, I heard someone say at the opening session "If it is your first time in EVO don´t register for more than one session."  I am a disobedient girl.  I signed up for four!    Last but not least, a certain Mr Vance Stevens took his time to answer one of my questions and I felt special.  A MOOC was not so massive after all,  this teacher who is probably very busy teaching somewhere in Asia, was interested in me!   Dave Cormier also played an important part in my staying aboard this brainwrecking experience.  His enthusiasm is something I need to become near of right now.  To me he sounded like a subversive rebellious teacher.  I felt identified with the picture of his angry little boy, I was there, angry with it all.  Feeling I just could not cope with so much new (to me) information.  Nevertheless, I decided to continue taking things more easily so that I could enjoy the experience. And I am!


     Little did I know of the things that were ahead of me for the following year when I first came in touch with ICT tools back in February 2012.  Back then I had no idea that internet was there to help teachers.  I was the ordinary paper and pen (sometimes red pen!) teacher.  I remember now one of my friends writing the word "Prezi" for me in my handout since I didn´t know how to spell it.  I also remember Paul Seligson mentioning E-Portfolios in one of his talks and I thought of them as something like paper folders but in word format.
    I hardly knew back then later in my first "Becoming an E-Teacher" online course, that I was just beginning to scratch the surface of the great potential the internet had to offer to a teacher of English as a foreign language.