viernes, 20 de septiembre de 2013

Some reflections on my learning how to ski.

I am not an experienced skier.  Last year we decided to go to a ski destination so as to share a holiday with our three adolescent kids during the winter break.  This year I decided to take things easy and enjoy the experience as much as I could, given that last year I spent two valuable days trying to master the snowboard technique only to find myself full of bruises on my back and a severe pain in my neck.  The regular skis were my choice this year and it was like starting everything all over again.
Some observations:
Children:  Oh, the joy of being naive, light and fearless!
I used the same "bunny slope" where children were taken to give their first slides and I enjoyed watching them slide smoothly knowing that the instructor was there for them, encouraging, helping and praising them for every small accomplishment.  I secretly followed them and imagined that they were praising me! Well done,  María!  I like the way you did that turn!  Skiing was the most natural thing for them. How cute they looked in those outfits wearing the tiny helmets and pretending to fly like aeroplanes!
Adults: Fearful, clumsy and self concious, I struggled to master my equipment slowly and carefully.  Eventually I managed to go down the blue slope, but only when I was confident enough, and that was on the last day of our holiday.  What a bliss! The feeling of achievement, the pride of having accomplished something after mastering my own inner voice that warned me about invisible dangers.
I wonder does this have anything to do with teaching at all?  It made me a learner again, thank you for that!  I look forward to skiing next year and going back to teaching with a humble spirit.

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