martes, 10 de diciembre de 2013

The teacher as content E-curator.

My notes on the Learning2gether session last Sunday with Phil Hubbard on Content Curation

The complete session with related material, by my friend Vance Stevens

Archive of TED talks

Check! Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, recommended talk

Audio Editing tool

Curated Playlist: curated by interest even better than the archive!

By curating content and providing it to our students we are giving value added to the it using tech to help students have an idea of the level.

Lextutor helps us determine the level of challenge of each talk, or a teacher might as well judge it as in the examples of slide No. 19
Slides of the session

Curation is the future of content (recommended book)

Amy Tam´s talk

This session provided me with ideas as to what to do when you come across material with teaching potential.  The idea of classifying them according to level would be very useful since many times I receive students with different proficiency levels who are interested in conversation lessons and I find myself looking for material when I might as well make myself an archive of already tested resources.

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