lunes, 7 de abril de 2014

My musings on MiniCon and IATEFL and what we do on a rainy weekend.

On a rainy weekend which also coincides with international web conferences my mood is high.  It is the perfect combination.  The conferences I watched online last weekend proved to be a celebration of teaching and an invitation to reflect on our own teaching.  The IATEFL Pecha Kucha, which I decided to enjoy from the comfort of my thinking spot, a newly incorporated item in my classroom, left me with the thought that no matter how far apart we teach we share the same concerns, expectations, beliefs and dreams.  Teachers who travel the world in pursue of their vocation, teachers who hunt for images to use in their classrooms, teachers who speak of the importance of our role especially in today´s world.
IATEFL Pecha Kucha, recording

Professor Sugata Mitra´s Plenary session had many memorable phrases which filled a complete page of my notebook.  You will probably highlight your own.  I will isolate the one and only that made everyone laugh and clap because of its undeniable truth:  "We are preparing our children for employers who are unfortunately dead."  My question is: How long will we delay change?  And another question is: How do we keep up the spirits of those who are implementing change against all odds?  I find myself comfortable in the company of other likeminded educators and my energy is renewed that way.
Sugata Mitra´s Plenary, Saturday 5th April, 2014

In case your energy deposit is going dry, try watching the recordings of the MiniCon of The Future of Education, a preview of what will come during the RSCon5 .  Either if you are interested in tools or just to grab some of the enthusiasm of these educators, pick one recorded session and enjoy!
MiniCon, recordings

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