lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

On the joy of using Twitter for connecting and learning together

Every now and then I participate in tweetchats, a meeting of likeminded people around a particular topic.  I started getting involved in this great opportinity for networking as one friend, Michael Graffin asked me to help him moderate the Global Classroom Chats, not really knowing what I was up to at the time, I got help from teachers whom I had never seen in my life and started interacting right away.  Being a global educator, I just couldn't say no, but at the same time I did not quite know how it worked.  I learned by doing and soon I had bookmarked a few weekly chats that matched my interests. 
 The one I attended last week was particularly special due to the amount of people attending and the many interacions that the conversation encouraged.  It was great to meet some friends and to make new ones.  Having met so many educators interested in global learning renewed my enthusiasm and reminded me that 'This is the best time ever to be a teacher!'

#whatisschool Tweetchat questions

When? Every Thursday 11 pm GMT

Storify Slides of the chat

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  1. I like twitterchats too but time is always a problem. Using storify is a great way to curate the chat. Which are your favourite chats? Mine is #globalclassroom chat. I have made new connections and found out about a number of projects through this chat.