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EVOSessions. Flipped Learning

Photo Credit: Photograph by Maria Colussa

Discussion Questions Week 1
Reflecting on what you've read and watched this week, please give a preliminary justification for flipped learning (or not) in your teaching situation. Please use the Week 1 section of our Google Plus EVO Community to post your comments and to respond to others' posts.
The case for the Flipped Classroom has been discussed lately as an approach which seeks to both optimize classroom time and cater for students mixed abilities and interests.  In my case, a freelance EFL teacher of English working mostly one to one with access to technology such as good internet connection, mobile devices and no behaviour problems, the idea of flipping to enhance certainly attracts me and I have to confess that after I read and watched the material from week one I was happy to see that I was doing some things in the right way.  Diving for my students main interests and identifying their strengths and difficulties is something I do and consider when I search for  potential content everywhere, mainly on the web.  However when we talk about flipping we mean more than that.  We also mean producing or looking for content that is specifically designed or tailored for my students.  I haven´t swam these waters yet, the production I mean, but I will surely give it a try this year.  
As with the E-book idea last EVO2014 sessions, incorporating these "new" approaches to teaching takes my brain a little while to get adjusted.  From what I gathered in the discussions in the Google Community I share some of the same concerns of my fellow "EVOers".  Will the students actually take the time to check what I send them?  Will they be engaged with the material?  How good will I be producing the content?  The question could well be: How do I flip appropriately?  We´ll see, I guess that as with many things in life I will be learning by doing and this is the place to start my first small steps...

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