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A story that impressed me.
This is an almost impossible task, because one of the reasons why I´m doing this course is because I am, and I have always been fascinated by stories, that´s why I have so many stories to talk about, in fact I have left several comments in my fellow moocers posts because I have also been influenced by the stories mentioned by them.
I will then reflect on the LAST story that made a powerful impact on me.  It is a film by female Argentinian director Lucía Puenzo, shortlisted for the Oscar academy awards.  However this was not the reason I went to see it.  In fact I had no expectations when I entered the cinema, because I had no clue as to what the film would be about.
The Story:  Wakolda.
The film is about a family who comes into contact with a stranger and decide to share the journey along a difficult road towards the city of Bariloche in the South of Argentina.  They later learn that this stranger, who is from Germany, is a scientist.  The scientist gets interested in the family and he goes to live with them in their newly restored guest house as a guest.  While living there he becomes interested in the younger child with whom he establishes a friendship.  The girl has developmental problems and he says he can help her grow by injecting some medicines.  He eventually does this with the concent of the mother.  At the same time he helps the father with his project of making dolls.  The story makes a powerful impact by using the parallelism of the dolls and the girl.  The search for perfection.
Why is this story special?
As a mother I felt identified with the female characters.  Both mother and child strive to fit to conformity and see no evil in the intentions of others.   Nazi genosides in South America, clandestine plastic surgery clinics, unofficial landing of planes in the Southern lakes and experiments with twins are used as inspiration for the making of a story where the canvas, mentioned by Cornelia Funke, of the Patagonian steppe with its empty wind washed vastness constitutes a character in itself, a metaphor of our own solitude.

Wakolda, trailer

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