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Global Ed Conference, Day 1

Useful links to the conference day 1, Monday November 18th, 2013.

These are the links and brief notes I took while listening tot he sessions that I was able to attend, I couldn´t attend ALL of them but I will catch up with recording later on.

Todd Conaway

I arrived late to this session" target=

Mike Furdyk´s Session

Social network for social good.  Collaborative projects in over 13 languages created by educators and students.

Mike is someone who had to cope with something that was not taught at school.  Went to the web for help.

Highlight: "Speak up." Support for student´s ideas.  Grants for students´generated ideas to improve their schools.

Kate Sutton Jones´Session
Tips for community learning.
Choose learning goals.
Build a network.
Importance of safe environment!
Adult learners´characteristics, ie learning styles, preferences, etc.
Provide multiple varieties of participation, experiences, not only one way to do things.
ENJOY! That´s precisely what I do when I attend these kind of PD!
Where to start networking and learning

Twitter, Google+Communities, Online courses

Students without borders academy : Dave Fehr, from BC, Canada, offered to help teachers who want to collaborate on Global Education.

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