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A day in the life of a connected educator in progress, Thursday 27th November, 2014

Meeting for next Sunday confirmed by Vance Stevens via e-mail.
Impromptu Skype session with Katherine Zablatnik´s students in Austria.  Topic: the weather, Christmas preparations.
Checking out OCLMOOC by Edinburgh University on Coursera´s resources for week 4.  Interesting!  I found out in the announcements that there is a live meeting called Office Hours scheduled for today via Google Hangouts.  I would like to attend it, let´s see how...
Using the course hashtag (#OCLMOOC) I tweeted asking for a place in the hangout.
Jason Levine invited (from Paris?!) via Facebook to a session with Dr Nellie Deutch in Wiziq.  Topic: Microteaching. This term is new to me! Let´s check this out!
I read Dr Nellie´s description of Microteaching in her blog.  I find it very interesting, lots of potential!
Confirmation via twitter of my place in Office Hours session of OCLMOOC
Hangout session/Office Hours.  Topic: Redifining the Human and the last week assignment.
I took the chance to thank the organisers for the great choice of materials in the form of readings and short clips and films.
Family Lunch!
Dr Nellie Deutch Wiziq session "Microteaching", in this session Nellie gave practical ideas on  how to organise  microteaching sessions using the Wiziq platform.  A great way to learn and teach based on the premise that we all learn by teaching.
Wrote a draft blog post based on the material of week 4 from the OCLMOOC, still have to decide what shape my artifact will have, I will need to re-read the assignment lineaments.
Set things ready for my pre-scheduled Skype session with my friend Athalo´s students from Brazil.
Jason Levine (again!) suggested via Facebook a storytelling Facebook page and blog interesting for teaching English, inspiring!  Re-posted the link to one of my students who will be absent next week.
Skype session with Brazilian students.  Amazed to see they had prepared a presentation! Topic: various: soccer (local football teams), rivers (I mentioned that we share the same river: the Paraná, which is my favourite place to go in the summer)  These students are sooooo nice!
My Spanish language student (a German exchange student) tells me via Facebook that he needs to reschedule the class (probably hanging out with friends!!).  We´ll meet tomorrow.
Inspired by the storytelling session seen before I decide to draft a sketch of my favourite short story by Julio Cortazar: "Continuidad de los Parques" my drawing are not very good but it would be a good way to introduce storytelling in my Spanish class.
I realised that I missed  #whatisschool tweetchat (again!)
Thinking about Jeff Lebow´s students as I watch some kids dance K-pop on national television :)

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