miércoles, 20 de noviembre de 2013

Global Ed Conference, Day 3

Emily Longenecker´s session

Complex World, Simple Strategies: Towards deeper global understanding in the classroom

I was drawn to the presentation of this session and found it so interesting that I will post the link to the recording because there´s just too much information and I want to have it handy!

Jennifer Russel, from IEarn USA.
The idea of video blogging is tempting and I have used it before with my friend Abby, a teacher of Spanish, but here the students examples were awesome!

Fabiana Casella´s Session
Fabiana talked about her experience as a teacher of Spanish in USA as an international exchange educator, and the challenges she had to face, how she overcame them and what she got from it.

Anne Mirtschin and Lorraine Leo´s session

Link to document with useful sites to get started with global projects.


An example of how collaboration works for the benefit of many. Key ingredients: enthusiasm, mutual support and respect. I´m so proud of these two ladies!

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