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The Future of Storytelling: Creative Task of the Week No.4/5

My inspirational books:

Casa Tomada, Julio Cortázar (Casa Tomada , here´s the story that gives the name to the book)
Ficciones, Jorge Luis Borges Ficciones

Why do I like these books?  They are short story books, the writers play with the language and different situations, the stories are original and contain twists or novel points of views, the settings are not only in Argentina but in other (sometimes imaginary or not) countries.  Surprinsingly as it is with most things in life, everything is connected and I like the fact that these writers had the capacity to use the language in a playful way to tell stories and that Cortázar´s novel Hopscotch is designed in a way which could resemble the mechanics of game design in the sense that you can "hop" from here to there and you would always get a different story.  To discover different things everytime you approach it, that is a good piece of art.

What fascinated or impressed me most after listening and watching the material about Digital Games contained in Unit 5

Reluctant at first got bored first chapters didn´t connect not much impressed or interested in the example games, mainly because I have never played online games, or bought my children any xbox or PS2,3, x because 1: too expensive, 2: I wasn´t fascinated by the idea of having a child or myself sitting at the computer screen for such a long time.  However things got better when we arrived at the podcast and the numerous suggestions below the page.  What I liked was the graphics of the Flower and The Legend of Zelda, perfect for children and the idea of having an application that helps parents put children to bed is something I would have LOVED to have but 16 years ago, (mine are all adolescents now!): Nighty Night
I found the soundtrack from The Last Door  particularly beautiful, but I don´t know if I will ever play that game, however I have listened to the first three songs several times, congratulations to Carlos Viola!  This also made me acknowledge the amount of artists involved in the creative process of such a complex thing as a game.
I have to say that before sitting down to write this I decided to take a look at how my fellow moocers had decided to answer this creative task.  What I first came across was a review of this game: Journey and as I read the review my own reflection was affected.  Now I wanted to try out a game, just because this one was nothing like the ones which had been shown so far.
It would be fair to say that the only reason why I did not directly skip this chapter was because I intended to attend The MachinEVO session next January, 2014 and I thought that this chapter would provide me with relevant materials for my future plan.  As it is usually the case, being able to approach the industry of games in this way provided me with many clues as to what makes a good game, how they are made and played, what´s in fashion and the future of games.

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