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EVO Sessions, Developing Business English Teachers

Week 2 Task 1
Needs Analysis

 I will go on to reflect one experience with a student after reading the material outlined for this chapter.
Last September, Marcela called me with a very specific request.  She had recently started a job as a secretary at the Import/Export department in a car spare parts factory.  She wanted to have weekly one to one lessons to refresh her knowledge of the language because their German clients would arrive in December and she would have to deal with them.  Speaking and listening were the skills she said she needed more practice in since she had plenty of experience corresponding with clients and suppliers.  The classes would be held in my studio where I usually teach and have access to technology. (one pc with internet connection) and material. (books!)

I usually have an initial interview where I ask general questions about the kind of background of my student,  Where/when did you start learning English?; What do you usually use English for at work?; apart from work, What are you passionate about?  I now feel a bit shy to say this, but this is what I have actually been doing with her and with every student that came to me for help.  Up to now.  I liked the proposed chart by Charles Rei.  It would help both of us focus and evaluate tasks by displaying it visually.
A systematic approach to needs analysis could also provide an overview of the course objectives.  It will certainly help me stay stuned.

The Communicative Event, Charles Rei


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