lunes, 6 de enero de 2014

Why you should register for the TESOL Electronic Village Online (EVO) 2014 today!

Last year I was a complete ignorant of all the benefits of online PD opportunities available on the web.  I don´t remember how I came across the TESOL EVO sessions, I just remember that I registered for attending right on the day of the start of the course.  I followed my instincts and signed up for four sessions, something I strongly recommend NOT to do, but to focus on only one and take advantage of the many opportunities for learning offered that that one, which is what I ended up doing.  However, I also profited from the sessions I just lurked or got lost trying to catch up with.  I lost my fear of  audio files as I was patiently tutored by the Podcasting for the ESL/EFL Classroom moderators, I met my friend Vance Stevens from the Multimooc session, I heard the great Gabriel Diaz Maggioli giving a talk during the Mentoring Session and had the fortune of meeting him in person later in Buenos Aires for the FAAPI conference of Argentinian teachers of English.  All this happened during the course of four weeks of hard work since I had to figure out how to navigate wikis, tutorials, web tools, etc.  However the memories of the kind help of the EVO moderators and the other participants made me look forward to the next one.  Registration begins today.  Please consider signing up.  Be a lurker.  Get involved as much as you can.  You will never regret it!
See you there!

You will have a dilema, though: Which session to attend, they are all SO interesting!

TESOL EVO Sessions, 2014. Everything you need to know is here! 

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