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Slam! Session, EdcampHOME, Saturday 4th, 2014

Lucid Press

Link to sessions videos

Google Maps Engine, ie: Google Maps on Steroids! :)


These apps or sites were suggested by people who felt they had something good in their hands and wanted to share it with other educators.  The Slam! session was unprepared and anyone with a good idea could  sign up to speak.  Those brave enough to volunteer were:
 Jon Samuelson introducing the free presentation tool called Life Slide;
Laura Robertson, introduced PRISM, which she said was great for English Teachers;
Dan (couldn´t get his name, sorry!) introduced us to Google maps Engine, which he described as "Google Maps on Steroids, (I liked this description!) and he went on to show us how he used it for introducing National Parks;
Robert Pronovost talked about the Makerbot Academy and how they use 3D printers in the classroom;
Someone with a sportsteam woolly cap, sorry I didn´t get the name either, presented Snagit , a tool which allows you to highlight/mark a text for later sharing it with the url;
Lucid Press was introduced as an alternative to Glogster;
Susan Spellman-Cann, who had been with us at the Haiku Deck session talked about the potential of this tool for pedagogic as well as sharing purposes, which we later that that put into practice by exchanging our own creations via Twitter:

Susan made this specially for my students!

And I shared my first attempt at using Haiku Deck.

The idea of joining a Professional Development event during my Summer vacation is my kind of thing for a hot summer morning/afternoon/evening.  The fact that free online PD opportunities come in virtual format is for me sometimes daunting and I have to say that I often sign up without knowing the protocol or the things we have to do before or during the event.  Last year for example I arrived to the EdcampHOME experience a little late so I was unable to attend in person.  This year I managed to get into a session, missed the second one (no worries! there are recordings!) and attended and took notes of the Slam! session.  I was also actively participating in the twitter chats that went on during the whole event, met wonderful educators and learned about their experiences that worked for their students.  What else can a teacher from Argentina ask for?  THANK YOU EDCAMPHOME!

Check out this amazing video by one of the Edcamphomers!

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